Nick Wheeldon

Les Soucoupes Violentes


  • Stéphane Guichard
  • Elsa Sadêt
  • Fabien Gilles
  • Tintin
  • Manu

Came into the band for a one off gig, the re-release of 'Dans Ta Bouche' at Le Gibus in 2016, and stayed for a couple of years. I had to learn 20 songs on the bass in 2 weeks.

I wrote 'Stand By Me', 'Walk The Line' & 'Silly Thing' & co-wrote 'J'etais La' for the LP 'In & Août' and also arranged the forthcoming follow up album.

Currently in a period of ceasefire with Stephane Guichard :)

The Soucoupes Violontes
J'Irai Ailleurs

Les Soucoupes Violentes
In & Août