Nick Wheeldon

Single #3, Waiting For The Piano To Fall

The title track from our new LP!

The images were taken from two different japanese animations: 黒ニャゴ(千代紙映画社 画:大藤信郎) 歌:平井英子 from 1929 and 村祭(千代紙映画社 画:大藤信郎) 歌:平井英子 from 1930. My good friend Hijiri Shimamoto, of amazing band Gli Insetti Nell'Ambra, translated the lyrics of 'Waiting For The Piano To Fall' from English to Japanese.

I wrote the lyrics and melody to this song whilst riding a bike from Coloummiers to Chauffry (cheese country). When I got to my friend's house I picked up a guitar as soon as I could to try and find the chords. It's a song about leaving things till tomorrow, when we all know that tomorrow never comes.

This is one of the two songs on the record that I had to re-record the vocals. As we stood silent, as the last note of music fades out when recording live, the eyes of each band member regard one another to signal our thoughts. Were there any errors? Was it the best take of our lives?

On this take everyone was ecstatic: 'the best take!', 'Couldn't play better than that!' - Except me. It was here that I had to apologize that I had got a word wrong. ONE word! But, it was an important word that changed the significance of the lyrics. Normally, recording live, we'd start the whole song from scratch but this time we all agreed the version was too good to erase.

You can still hear the original voice phasing on the choruses adding a psychedelic element to the song.
Another beautiful mistake.