Nick Wheeldon

Single #1, They're Not Selling Flowers Around Here, Anymore

Gentrification through the eyes of a dog. I've been rehearsing at Basement Studios, 10éme Paris, for 11 years. For 9 of those years I used to pass by and pet/stroke a sleepy Golden Retriever who kept guard of a flower shop on the way to practice.

The shop was in the shadow of the Square Aristide Cavaillé Coll where I once witnessed the feeding of over a thousand rats.

These were the sparks that started 'They're Not Selling Flowers Around Here, Anymore' but the song soon set sail to sing of class wars and genocides around the world.

Often, when recording live to tape, we can be surprised to hear that a take can sound better (or much worse) than we felt when we were playing it. This take was one of the rare ones where we knew instantly, we'd nailed it.

Probably, to date, the best song i have wrote & recorded.