Nick Wheeldon

Le Village Pop - 'Gift', Album of the Week

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At Le Village Pop , we are passionate and obstinate, quality or defect, who knows... But what is certain with the creator of our 2nd Album of the Week, Nick Wheeldon , is that he has elevated these inclinations to the rank of Major Art, and that he's also endowed with an extraordinary talent ... This day, our call will be clear: Anglo-Saxon friends, it's high time that in your country light is made on the most Parisian of the English, or the most English of the Parisians, who knows again ...

So, a new album, "Gift" ( Le Pop Club Records , Modulor ), and a new masterpiece of a work as "deaf" as it's in perpetual movement... Or how a high-level songwriting likes to walk on the embers to perpetuate the flame... There will certainly never be the slightest trace of autotune here (although the man is devious), it's just folk-rock already ploughed many times will say some, and yet this music vibrates of a contemporary power leaving far behind the herd of the makers and the between-oneselfs... Gift, gift, gift ... Waiting for the next one, already in the starting-blocks ... Enjoy !